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November 04, 2002
Your Job Alert

You don't have to take a plane or train to start recruiting students this year.

Go to campus right from your office with!

Here is some advice recently offered by Kevin Wheeler, President and Founder of Global Learning Resources.

"Use the Internet to lessen the need to involve the placement office ... Savvy students make direct contact with prospective employers through the web. You can collect email addresses of college students easily and email them directly with information. You can set up interviews online and develop an ongoing dialogue that will serve you and the student well because you will get to know one another better and uncover strengths and weaknesses."
        -ERE Daily Forum, Electronic Recruiting Exchange, 7/17/2002

In November, CampusCareerCenter! will give you a free JobAlert email broadcast--allowing candidates with the backgrounds and qualifications you desire to learn about YOUR job openings.

Simply conduct a demo of CandidateConnectTM, CCC's campus recruitment management solution, and a JobAlert--a $500 value--is yours, FREE! For your free JobAlert, register at

With a database of well over 125,000 students and new graduates nationwide, allows you direct access to today's most qualified students.

At CCC, we know that the solutions to your specific recruiting needs come with various backgrounds, goals, skill-sets and personalities. That's why WE WILL WORK DIRECTLY WITH YOU to help streamline the employment process.

Why waste your time and money on passive, expensive forms of advertising like newspaper and magazine ads when you can access a more cost-efficient, results-driven, fully trackable system like

See for yourself. Log on to today and register for a demo of CCC's CandidateConnectTM and free JobAlert

Through the CandidateConnectTM interface, you can search our student database for the resumes of your future employees. You can focus on particular areas of interest-like academic performance, geographic preference and/or origin, work experience, language skills, type of degree(s) and much more. You can directly contact candidates, route resumes, schedule and promote campus visits, evaluate candidates and track communication from point of contact to hire!

For more info contact our Sales Department by clicking here

It's simple. It's proven. And it will save you time and $$$ on campus this year!

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