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December 18, 2003
Your recruiting technology solution

We recently evaluated Gopher Recruiting Software, developed by Ken Peck of BlackDog Software. Being a recruiter and a software engineer, Ken developed the product for his own recruiting and consulting firm. Word of mouth created a huge demand for Ken’s product. In 1980, Ken formed BlackDog Software and began to package his solution for busy recruiters.

Why do recruiters purchase Gopher? Simple, Gopher was designed around the reality of how recruiters work. Recruiters quickly discover that the system's design is efficient, limiting waste in navigation and saving precious time. The basic architecture was designed to evolve with technology and the recruiting industry. There have been 25 major upgrades since 1985.

Overall, we believe Gopher will save you time. Of course, in the recruiting industry, time is money. Click to register for a free demo of Gopher.

Click to register for a free demo of Gopher

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