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May 15, 2005
Creating demand for the "Art of Recruiting" using ROI selling
by Shawn Upchurch, Principal

ROI selling makes sense, but not for the faint-at-heart. As an executive recruiter, I have wrestled with quantifying the financial value of my customized hiring programs for years. The best I have to offer from tracking my performance since 1997 is that I am 93% accurate in predicting on-the-job performance.

But, what are my client's return-on-investment? Great question!

What I have learned is that I need more information from my clients than what they have available, or are willing to work toward compiling. Companies are just not tracking New Hire Quality, Recruiting Cycle Times or how fast new hires are able to perform their new job.

Human resource professionals appear to be more consumed with cost-per-hire, total recruiting fees paid and how fast someone is hired, not the quality of the new hire. I do not blame HR professionals, because most are evaluated using the aforementioned metrics.

So, the reality for accuracy based recruiters (staffing model vs. search model) like myself is that we need to help our clients create recruiting metrics. It imperative we raise the bar and show clear value in order to create demand for our beloved "Art of Recruiting."

Have any other search based recruiters ventured into the world of ROI selling? Have any HR professionals attempted to use ROI modeling tools to quantify the financial returns their company has experienced from hard dollar investments spent on recruiting human capital

  About the Author
Shawn Upchurch, Principal of UpSearch
Shawn Upchurch designs customized hiring programs for companies of all sizes, as well as providing direct recruiting services. Shawn can be reached at 888.830.1904 x208 or When You Absolutely Need To Hire The Right Person - Think UpSearch!

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